Updated: 2022. April

0The Gazette of India
1Ministry of AYUSHアーユルベーダ・ヨガおよび伝統療法省Press NoteMinistries
2Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare農業・農民福祉省Agriculture NewsMinistries
3Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers化学肥料省Ministries
4Ministry of Civil Aviation民間航空省In FocusMinistries
5Ministry of Coal石炭省Press ReleaseMinistries
6Ministry of Commerce and Industry商工業省Press ReleasesMinistries
7Ministry of Communications通信省Press ReleasesMinistries
8Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution消費者食糧公共配給省Press ReleaseMinistries
9Ministry of Cooperation協力省Press ReleasesMinistries
10Ministry of Corporate Affairs法人業務省Latest NewsMinistries
11Ministry of Culture文化省Press ReleaseMinistries
12Ministry of Defence国防省What’s NewMinistries
13Ministry of Development of North Eastern Region北東地域開発省Latest UpdatesMinistries
14Ministry of Earth Sciences地球科学省Press ReleasesMinistries
15Ministry of Education教育省Press ReleasesMinistries
16Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology電子工学・通信技術省What’s NewMinistries
17Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change環境・森林・気候変動省What’s NewMinistries
18Ministry of External Affairs外務省Press ReleasesMinistries
19Ministry of Finance財務省Ministries
20Ministry of Fisheries, Animal Husbandry and Dairying畜産・酪農・漁業省What’s NewMinistries
21Ministry of Food Processing Industries食品加工業省What’s NewMinistries
22Ministry of Health and Family Welfare保健家族福祉省News and HighlightsMinistries
23Ministry of Heavy Industries重工業公営企業省What’s NewMinistries
24Ministry of Home Affairs内務省What’s NewMinistries
25Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs住宅都市貧困省NotificationsMinistries
26Ministry of Information and Broadcasting情報放送省Digital Press ReleaseMinistries
27Ministry of Jal Shaktiジャル・シャクティ省What’s NewMinistries
28Ministry of Labour and Employment労働雇用省What’s NewMinistries
29Ministry of Law and Justice司法公正省What’s NewMinistries
30Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises零細中小企業省What’s NewMinistries
31Ministry of Mines鉱業省What’s NewMinistries
32Ministry of Minority Affairsマイノリティ省What’s NewMinistries
33Ministry of New and Renewable Energy新再生可能エネルギー省Current NoticesMinistries
34Ministry of Panchayati Rajパンチャーヤティラージ省Latest NewMinistries
35Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs議会関係省What’s NewMinistries
36Ministry of Road Transport and Highways陸運高速道路省What’s NewMinistries
37Ministry of Rural Development農村開発省What’s NewMinistries
38Ministry of Science and Technology科学技術省What’s NewMinistries
39Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship技能開発・起業促進省What’s NewMinistries
40Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment社会正義エンパワーメント省What’s NewMinistries
41Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions人事苦情処理年金省Press ReleaseMinistries
42Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas石油天然ガス省Whats NewMinistries
43Ministry of Ports, Shipping and Waterways海運省HighlightsMinistries
44Ministry of Power電力省New NoticesMinistries
45Ministry of Railways鉄道省News & AnnouncementsMinistries
46Ministry of Women and Child Development女性子供省What’s NewMinistries
47Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports青年スポーツ省News ArchivesMinistries
48Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation統計事業実施省Press ReleaseMinistries
49Ministry of Steel鉄鋼省What’s NewMinistries
50Ministry of Textiles繊維省What’s NewMinistries
51Ministry of Tourism観光省What’s NewMinistries
52Ministry of Tribal Affairs部族関係省What’s NewMinistries
53Central Armed Police Forces中央武装警察隊Departments
54Central Police Organisation中央警察機構Departments
55Department Of Jammu, Kashmir And Ladakh Affairsジャム―カシミール庁Departments
56Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade産業政策振興庁Previous AnnouncementDepartments
57Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances (DARPG)行政改革苦情処理庁What’s NewDepartments
58Department of Agricultural Research and Education (DARE)農業研究教育庁What’s NewDepartments
59Department of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare農業・農民福祉庁Recent InitiativesDepartments
60Department of Animal Husbandry and Dairying畜産酪農漁業庁What’s NewDepartments
61Department of Biotechnology生物工学庁Latest AnnouncementDepartments
62Department of Chemicals and Petrochemicals石油化学庁Press ReleaseDepartments
63Department of Commerce商業庁Press ReleaseDepartments
64Department of Consumer Affairs消費者庁Press ReleaseDepartments
65Department of Defence国防庁What’s NewDepartments
66Department of Defence Production国防装備品庁What’s NewDepartments
67Department of Defence Research & Development国防研究開発庁What’s NewDepartments
68Department of Drinking Water and Sanitation飲料水・衛生局What’s NewDepartments
69Department of Economic Affairs経済庁Press ReleaseDepartments
70Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities障害者エンパワメント庁What’s NewDepartments
71Department of Ex-Servicemen Welfare退役軍人福祉庁What’s NewDepartments
72Department of Expenditure歳出庁What’s NewDepartments
73Department of Fertilizers肥料局What’s NewDepartments
74Department of Financial Services金融業務庁What’s NewDepartments
75Department of Food and Public Distribution食糧公共配給庁News & AnnouncementsDepartments
76Department of Health Research保健調査庁What’s NewDepartments
77Department of Health and Family Welfare保健・家族福祉庁News and HighlightsDepartments
78Department of Heavy Industry重工業庁Press ReleasesDepartments
79Department of Higher Education高等教育庁Press ReleasesDepartments
80Department of Home内務庁Departments
81Department of Internal Security内務安全庁Bills&NotificationsDepartments
82Department of Investment and Public Asset Management投資・公共資産管理庁What’s NewDepartments
83Department of Justice公正庁Press ReleaseDepartments
84Department of Land Resources (DLR)土地資産庁Notification & CircularsDepartments
85Department of Legal Affairs法務庁What’s NewDepartments
86Department of Official Language公用語庁What’s NewDepartments
87Department of Pension & Pensioner’s Welfare年金福祉庁What is NewDepartments
88Department of Personnel & Training人事研修庁What’s NewDepartments
89Department of Pharmaceuticals医薬品局What’s NewDepartments
90Department of Posts郵政局NewsDepartments
91Department of Scientific and Industrial Research科学・産業調査局What’s NewDepartments
92Department of Social Justice and Empowerment社会正義エンパワーメント庁News / Events (What’s New)Departments
93Department of Sportsスポーツ庁What is New – Sports DepartmentDepartments
94Department of States州関係庁Departments
95Department of Telecommunications電気通信庁Press ReleasesDepartments
96Department of Public Enterprises公営企業庁What’s NewDepartments
97Department of Revenue歳入庁What’s NewDepartments
98Department of Rural Development (DRD)農村開発庁Departments
99Department of School Education and Literacy学校識字教育庁Press ReleasesDepartments
100Department of Science and Technology科学技術庁Press ReleasesDepartments
101Department of Water Resources, River Development and Ganga Rejuvenation水資源河川開発ガンジス再生庁What’s NewDepartments
102Department of Youth Affairs青年庁News ArchivesDepartments
103E-Daakhil PortalE-DaakhilポータルDepartments
104India Meteorological Department (IMD)インド気象局Quarterly Publication of IMDDepartments
105Legislative Department法政庁Latest AnnouncementDepartments
106Department of Atomic Energy核エネルギー局Press Releases and statementsIndependent Departments
107Department of Space宇宙庁Press ReleaseIndependent Departments
108Aircraft Accident Investigation Bureau (AAIB)航空機事故調査局Attached / Subordinated Offices
109Andaman Lakshadweep Harbour Works (ALHW)アンダマン・ラクシャドウィープ港湾事業所Press ReleaseAttached / Subordinated Offices
110Anthropological Survey of India人類学調査局AnnouncementAttached / Subordinated Offices
111Archaeological Survey of India (ASI)インド考古調査局What’s NewAttached / Subordinated Offices
113Assam Riflesアッサム・ライフル部隊Press ReleaseAttached / Subordinated Offices
114Atomic Minerals Directorate (AMD)原子鉱物資源機構UpdatesAttached / Subordinated Offices
115BCG Vaccine LaboratoryBCGワクチン研究所Whats NewAttached / Subordinated Offices
116Biotechnology Information System Network (BTISNET)BTISNetPress releaseAttached / Subordinated Offices
117Border Roads Organisation (BRO)国境道路公団Whats NewAttached / Subordinated Offices
118Border Security Force (BSF)国境警備隊Whats NewAttached / Subordinated Offices
119Botanical Survey of India (BSI)植物調査局Whats newAttached / Subordinated Offices
120Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS)民間航空安全局What’s NewAttached / Subordinated Offices
121Bureau of Police Research and Development (BPR&D)警察庁研究開発局What’s NewAttached / Subordinated Offices
122COVID-19 Updates by Ministry of Health and Family Welfare保健家族福祉省によるCOVID-19の更新情報Latest UpdatesAttached / Subordinated Offices
123Cateen Stores Department酒保局Attached / Subordinated Offices
124Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC)中央映画認証委員会NewsAttached / Subordinated Offices
125Central Bureau of Narcotics中央物品税関税局NEWSAttached / Subordinated Offices
126Central Economic Intelligence Bureau (CEIB)中央経済情報局Attached / Subordinated Offices
127Central Fertilizer Quality Control and Training Institute中央公害管理局Attached / Subordinated Offices
128Central Grain Analysis Laboratory(CGAL)中央穀物分析研究所Attached / Subordinated Offices
129Central Ground Water Board (CGWB)中央地下水委員会What’s NewAttached / Subordinated Offices
130Central Industrial Security Force (CISF)中央産業治安部隊Notice BoardAttached / Subordinated Offices
131Central Institute of Coastal Engineering for Fishery沿岸漁業エンジニアリング研究所Publications /Annual ReportAttached / Subordinated Offices
132Central Institute of Psychiatry (CIP)中央精神医学研究所AnnouncementsAttached / Subordinated Offices
133Central Pension Accounting Office (CPAO)中央年金事務所What’s NewAttached / Subordinated Offices
134Central Poultry Development Organization (CPDO)中央家禽開発機構News & EventsAttached / Subordinated Offices
135Central Public Works Department (CPWD)中央公共事業局News & EventsAttached / Subordinated Offices
136Central Reference Library中央図書館LATEST NEWSAttached / Subordinated Offices
137Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF)中央予備警察隊Latest NewsAttached / Subordinated Offices
138Central Soil and Materials Research Station (CSMRS)中央材料研究所EventsAttached / Subordinated Offices
139Central Water Commission (CWC)中央水資源委員会CWC Administrative News BulletinAttached / Subordinated Offices
140Central Water and Power Research Station (CWPRS)中央用水・電力研究所Attached / Subordinated Offices
141Centre for Marine Living Resources and Ecology (CMLRE)海洋生物資源・生態学センターNews & EventsAttached / Subordinated Offices
142Chief Commissioner of Customs (Preventive)税関長(予防部門)LATEST NEWSAttached / Subordinated Offices
143Chief Labour Commissioner (Central)労働委員長What’s newAttached / Subordinated Offices
144Civil Defence民間防衛LATEST NEWSAttached / Subordinated Offices
145Coal Controller (CC)石炭管理所What’s NewAttached / Subordinated Offices
146Controller General of Accounts (CGA)会計検査院What’s NewAttached / Subordinated Offices
147Controller General of Defence Accounts (CGDA)国防省会計検査官Whats NewAttached / Subordinated Offices
148Customs and Central Excise Commissionerates税関・中央物品税総局Latest News/Uploads:Attached / Subordinated Offices
149Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO)防衛研究開発機関Whats NewAttached / Subordinated Offices
150Department of Publication出版局NewsAttached / Subordinated Offices
151Development Commissioner (MSME)中小零細企業庁Update NewAttached / Subordinated Offices
152Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) Portalダイレクトベネフィットトランスファー・ポータルAttached / Subordinated Offices
153Director General of Audit (Central Expenditure)会計検査院長(中央支出部門)NoticesAttached / Subordinated Offices
154Director General of Defence Estates(DGDE)防衛施設庁長官NewsAttached / Subordinated Offices
155Directorate General Of Trade Remedies Duties貿易救済局What’s NewAttached / Subordinated Offices
156Directorate General of Fire Services, Civil Defence & Home Guards消防総局・民間防衛局・自宅警備員局LATEST NEWSAttached / Subordinated Offices
157Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT)外国貿易部AnnouncementsAttached / Subordinated Offices
158Directorate General of Goods and Services Tax Intelligence (DGGI)物品サービス税情報総局News FlashAttached / Subordinated Offices
159Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS)保健サービス総局What’s NewAttached / Subordinated Offices
160Directorate General of Human Resource Development (HRD)人的資源開発総局Latest NewsAttached / Subordinated Offices
161Directorate General of Lighthouses and Lightships灯台・灯船総局Attached / Subordinated Offices
162Directorate General of Mines Safety (DGMS)鉱山安全総局WHAT’S NEWAttached / Subordinated Offices
163Directorate General of Shipping海運総局Current NewsAttached / Subordinated Offices
164Directorate General of Training (DGT)研修総局WHAT’S NEWAttached / Subordinated Offices
165Directorate General Factory Advice Service & Labour Institutes工場指導・労働研究所総局NotificationAttached / Subordinated Offices
166Directorate General Resettlement (DGR)再定住総局WHAT’S NEWAttached / Subordinated Offices
167Directorate General of Anti-profiteering不正競争防止総局NotificationsAttached / Subordinated Offices
168Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA)民間航空局What’s New?Attached / Subordinated Offices
169Directorate General of Commercial Intelligence and Statistics (DGCI&S)商業情報統計総局NoticeAttached / Subordinated Offices
170Directorate Medical Delhi, Employees State Insuranceデリー州職員保険局医療部長News & EventsAttached / Subordinated Offices
171Directorate of Advertising and Visual Publicity (DAVP)視覚広報総局What’s NewAttached / Subordinated Offices
172Directorate of Arecanut and Spices Development (DSAD)アレカナット・スパイス開発局NEWSAttached / Subordinated Offices
173Directorate of Cashewnut and Cocoa Development (DCCD)カシューナッツ・ココア開発局Latest UpdatesAttached / Subordinated Offices
174Directorate of Construction, Services and Estate Management (DCSEM)建設・サービス・不動産管理総局NEWS & NOTICESAttached / Subordinated Offices
175Directorate of Coordination Police Wireless警察無線調整局Latest NewsAttached / Subordinated Offices
176Directorate of Data Management (DDM)データマネジメント本部News & UpdatesAttached / Subordinated Offices
177Directorate of Economics and Statistics (DES)州経済統計局長LatestAttached / Subordinated Offices
178Directorate of Enforcement実施局Press ReleaseAttached / Subordinated Offices
179Directorate of Field Publicity (DFP)広告総局Attached / Subordinated Offices
180Directorate of Film Festivals映画祭事務局NEWSAttached / Subordinated Offices
181Directorate of Forensic Science Services (DFSS)科学捜査研究所本部UpdatesAttached / Subordinated Offices
182Directorate of Forest Education Dehradun環境森林省森林教育局Latest NewsAttached / Subordinated Offices
183Directorate of Pulses Development豆類開発総局Latest ReportsAttached / Subordinated Offices
184Directorate of Purchase and Stores購買・店舗統括部Latest News & EventsAttached / Subordinated Offices
185Directorate of Rice Development米穀開発局Latest UpdatesAttached / Subordinated Offices
186Directorate of Standardisationインド規格局UPDATED NEWSAttached / Subordinated Offices
187Directorate of Jute Developmentジュート開発総局News/EventsAttached / Subordinated Offices
188Directorate of Logistics, Customs and Central Excise物流・関税・中央物品税総局New TendersAttached / Subordinated Offices
189Directorate of Marketing and Inspection (DMI)流通調査局What’s NewAttached / Subordinated Offices
190Directorate of Plant Protection Quarantine and Storage植物保護検疫・保管総局What’s NewAttached / Subordinated Offices
191Directorate of Postal Life Insurance郵便生命保険総局Attached / Subordinated Offices
192Directorate of Sugar砂糖総局Attached / Subordinated Offices
193Directorate of Vanaspati, Vegetable Oils and Fats (DVVOF)バナパスパティ・ベジタブルオイル&ファッツ総局Attached / Subordinated Offices
194Electronic Media Monitoring Center (EMMC)電子メディア・モニタリング・センターAttached / Subordinated Offices
195Farakka Barrage Project (FBP)ファラッカバラージプロジェクトWhat’s NewAttached / Subordinated Offices
196Films Division映画局Attached / Subordinated Offices
197Forest Survey of India (FSI)インド森林調査局FSI NEWSAttached / Subordinated Offices
198Ganga Flood Control Commission (GFCC)ガンガー洪水対策委員会Notice BoardAttached / Subordinated Offices
199Geological Survey of India (GSI)インド地質調査所Attached / Subordinated Offices
200Government of India Stationery Officeインド政府文具局Latest office orderAttached / Subordinated Offices
201Indian Bureau of Minesインド鉱山局NEWS & EVENTSAttached / Subordinated Offices
202Indian Naval Hydrographic Department (INHD)インド海軍水路部What’s NewAttached / Subordinated Offices
203Indian Ordnance Factoriesインド軍需工場NewsAttached / Subordinated Offices
204Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO)インド宇宙研究機関Press ReleaseAttached / Subordinated Offices
205Indira Gandhi National Forest Academy (IGNFA)インド国森林官研修センターAnnouncementsAttached / Subordinated Offices
206Indo Tibetan Border Police (ITBP)インド・チベット国境警察NEWSAttached / Subordinated Offices
207Integrated Coastal and Marine Area Management Project Directorate (ICMAM PD)統合沿岸海域管理プロジェクト総局News And AnnouncementsAttached / Subordinated Offices
208KRISHI VISTAR, Directorate of ExtensionKRISHI VISTARWhat’s NewAttached / Subordinated Offices
209Kendriya Vidyalaya Burdwanケンドリヤ・ビダラヤ・バードワン校AnnouncementAttached / Subordinated Offices
210Labour Bureau労働局Whats NewAttached / Subordinated Offices
211National AIDS Control Organisation (NACO)国家エイズ管理機関NACO UpdatesAttached / Subordinated Offices
212National Archives of India (NAI)インド国立公文書館What’s NewAttached / Subordinated Offices
213National Atlas and Thematic Mapping Organisation (NATMO)全米アトラス・テーマ別地図作成機構(NATMO)Attached / Subordinated Offices
214National Awards Intra Portalナショナル・アワード イントラポータルAttached / Subordinated Offices
215National Building Organisation (NBO)公共住宅団体What’s NewAttached / Subordinated Offices
216Land and Development Office土地開発室What’s NewAttached / Subordinated Offices
217Mahalanobis National Crop Forecast Centre (NCFC)マハラノビス国立作物予測センターNewsAttached / Subordinated Offices
218Medical Stores Organisationメディカルストア・オーガニゼーションAttached / Subordinated Offices
219Mercantile Marine Department (MMD)商船海事部Latest newsAttached / Subordinated Offices
220NIRYAT – National Import-Export Record for Yearly Analysis of TradeNIRYAT – 貿易の年次分析のための全国輸出入記録Attached / Subordinated Offices
221National Centre for Coastal Research国立沿岸域研究センターNews And AnnouncementsAttached / Subordinated Offices
222National Centre for Polar and Ocean Research国立極地海洋研究センターNewsAttached / Subordinated Offices
223National Centre for Seismology (NCS)国家地震センターWhat’s NewAttached / Subordinated Offices
224National Co-operative Development Corporation (NCDC)全国組合開発公社PRESS RELEASEAttached / Subordinated Offices
225National Film Archive of India (NFAI)インド国立フィルム・アーカイヴCURRENT NOTICEAttached / Subordinated Offices
226National Informatics Centre (NIC)国家情報センターWhat’s NewAttached / Subordinated Offices
227National Investigation Agency (NIA)国家調査局Attached / Subordinated Offices
228National Library国立図書館NEWSAttached / Subordinated Offices
229National Museum of Natural History (NMNH)国立自然史博物館Attached / Subordinated Offices
230National Museum国立博物館NewsAttached / Subordinated Offices
231National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA)国家医薬品価格局What’s NewAttached / Subordinated Offices
232National Research Laboratory for Conservation of Cultural Property (NRLC)文化財保存修復技術研究所Attached / Subordinated Offices
233National River Conservation Directorate (NRCD)国家河川保全局What’s NewAttached / Subordinated Offices
234National Savings Institute (NSI)国民貯蓄機関NEWS & EVENTSAttached / Subordinated Offices
235National Security Guard (NSG)国家保安警備隊Press ReleaseAttached / Subordinated Offices
236National Seed Research and Training Centre (NSRTC)国立種子研究・研修センターArchive NewsAttached / Subordinated Offices
237National Service Scheme (NSS)国家的支援局Latest NewsAttached / Subordinated Offices
238National Test House国立試験場NoticeAttached / Subordinated Offices
239National Vector Borne Disease Control Programme (NVBDCP)全国ベクトル媒介疾患対策プログラム(NVBDCP)Current UpdateAttached / Subordinated Offices
240National Zoological Parkデリー国立動物園Attached / Subordinated Offices
241Natural Resources Data Management System (NRDMS)天然資源データ管理システムAttached / Subordinated Offices
242North Eastern Farm Machinery Training and Testing Institute北東農機訓練試験所Latest NewsAttached / Subordinated Offices
243North Eastern Police Academy (NEPA)北東国家警察アカデミーNEWS & EVENTSAttached / Subordinated Offices
244Northern Farm Machinery Training & Testing Institute北方農機研修試験場NOTIFICATIONAttached / Subordinated Offices
245Notary Online Application Portal公証人オンライン申請ポータルNotificationsAttached / Subordinated Offices
246OFFICE OF THE CHIEF COMMISSIONER CENTRAL GST & CENTRAL EXCISE¥中央物品税・中央物品税総局長官事務所Public NoticeAttached / Subordinated Offices
247Office of Development Commissioner for Handicrafts手工芸品開発委員会事務局All NewsAttached / Subordinated Offices
248Office of Development Commissioner for Handlooms手織機開発委員会事務局Press Releases News CoverageAttached / Subordinated Offices
249Office of Official Liquidator公的清算人局Whats is New?Attached / Subordinated Offices
250Office of The Commissioner (Appeals)コミッショナーオフィスWhats NewAttached / Subordinated Offices
251Office of the Economic Adviser経済諮問室NEWS & UPDATESAttached / Subordinated Offices
252Office of the Jute Commissionerジュート委員会LATEST UPDATESAttached / Subordinated Offices
253Office of the Registrar General and Census Commissioner, Census of Indiaインド戸籍及びセンサス長官事務局NEWSAttached / Subordinated Offices
254Office of the Salt Commissioner塩務長官室What’s NewAttached / Subordinated Offices
255Office of the Textile Commissioner繊維コミッショナーオフィスWHAT’S NEWAttached / Subordinated Offices
256PAO(ORs) Corps of Signal, Pay and Accounts OfficePAO(ORs)、給与・会計事務所Attached / Subordinated Offices
257Photo Division写真事業部LATEST PRESS RELEASESAttached / Subordinated Offices
258Press Information Bureau (PIB)プレス情報局LATEST PRESS RELEASESAttached / Subordinated Offices
259Principal Controller of Defence Accounts (Border Roads)国防会計主任(国境道路担当)Attached / Subordinated Offices
260Project Appraisal, Budgeting, Achievements and Data Handling Systemプロジェクトの評価、予算、実績、データ処理システムAttached / Subordinated Offices
261Projects & Development India Ltd.プロジェクト&ディベロップメント・インディア社NewsAttached / Subordinated Offices
262Publications Division出版事業部NotificationsAttached / Subordinated Offices
263Quality Control Cells (QCC)品質管理細胞Attached / Subordinated Offices
264RailMadad, A Grievance Redressal Mechanism苦情処理システム RailMadadAttached / Subordinated Offices
265Regional Directorate of Apprenticeship Training徒弟訓練地域総局CircularsAttached / Subordinated Offices
266Registrar of Companies (ROC)会社登記局Attached / Subordinated Offices
267Registrar of Newspapers for India (RNI)インド新聞登記官LATEST NEWSAttached / Subordinated Offices
268Society of Integrated Coastal Management (SICOM)統合沿岸管理学会What’s NewAttached / Subordinated Offices
269Soil and Land Use Survey of Indiaインドの土壌と土地利用調査局Attached / Subordinated Offices
270Southern Region Farm Machinery Training and Testing Institute (SRFMT&TI)南部地区農機研修試験場What’s New……….!Attached / Subordinated Offices
271Special Economic Zones特別経済区NEWS & AnnouncementAttached / Subordinated Offices
272Standardisation Testing and Quality Certification Directorate標準化・試験・品質認証総局WHATS NEWAttached / Subordinated Offices
273Universal Service Obligation Fund (USOF)ユニバーサルサービス基金News & UpdateAttached / Subordinated Offices
274Upper Yamuna River Boardアッパー・ヤムナー河審議会Attached / Subordinated Offices
275Wildlife Crime Control Bureau野生動物犯罪対策局NewsAttached / Subordinated Offices
276Zoological Survey of India (ZSI)インド動物園調査局ZSI in NewsAttached / Subordinated Offices
277Research Designs and Standards Organisation (RDSO)インド鉄道省研究設計標準機構News & AnnouncementsAttached / Subordinated Offices
278Sardar Sarovar Construction Advisory Committee (SSCAC)サルダール・サロワール建設諮問委員会What’s NewAttached / Subordinated Offices
279Sashastra Seema Bal (SSB)Sashastra Seema BalLATEST UPDATESAttached / Subordinated Offices
280Seamens Provident Fund Organisationシーマンズプロビデントファンド機構NEWSAttached / Subordinated Offices
281Serious Fraud Investigation Office (SFIO)重大不正捜査局Attached / Subordinated Offices
282Survey Of Indiaインド調査局News/NoticesAttached / Subordinated Offices
283Tariff Commission関税委員会What’s NewAttached / Subordinated Offices
284The Directorate General of Aeronautical Quality Assurance航空品質保証総局Circular ListAttached / Subordinated Offices
285Town and Country Planning Organisation都市農村計画機構News and HighlightsAttached / Subordinated Offices
286U R Rao Satellite Centre (URSC)URラオ衛星センターWhat’s NewAttached / Subordinated Offices
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